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We are Approachable

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We can develop the partnerships you need to ensure your club is at the heart of your community

We are friendly, agreeable people who will give 100% effort to help you achieve your goals

We can undertake the necessary community and usage surveys you will need to build your case


We can write the business and sports plans you need to bring in resources for your club

We can procure suppliers and project manage the facility developments if required

We have a lot of experience of securing leases of grounds for the continued future of sports clubs


We can often find you 100% of the funding you need for your sports club facilities

We can usually add a large element of our fee to the funding bids so that our services come at a reduced rate to your club

Step up consultancy delivers business solutions

  • Working with all sports clubs e.g. Rugby, Football, Cricket, Tennis, Athletics etc

  • Offering a strategic consultancy experience with creative solutions

  • Identifying new models for the operation of your sports club

Step up consultancy delivers facility solutions to sports clubs

  • Delivering a robust procurement and tendering process

  • Developing new ways of using facilities

  • Developing new facility models

  • Project management of capital builds