Recently completed 100 seated, covered stand in S E London in 2016

In late 2016 Step Up Sports was commissioned to find funding for, and project manage, a 100 seater covered stand at Ladywell Arena, London SE6. Lewisham Borough Community FC Chairman Ray Simpson led on the project and had been working over a number of years to make the vision a reality and complete the ground grading requirements at Step 6.

Funding from the Football Foundation and Lewisham Council was secured and the stand was officially opened by the Mayor of Lewisham, Sir Steve Bullock and Chairman Ray Simpson. The stand was named The Clinton Rhule stand after the late Mr Clinton Rhule, a much respected pillar of the Lewisham footballing community.

Investment and development is the key

We never cease to be amazed at how often the most unlikely partnerships are forged to provide investment to create dynamic new sports facilities. With a lot of focus now by funding bodies on increasing levels of physical activity, it’s going to be important to have robust Development plans, not just plans for your facility builds. We have experience of creatively linking the benefits of sport, e.g. Increased physical activity levels, better mental focus, increased self esteem and confidence, with facility needs, and making bids attractive to a diverse range of funding bodies.

If our clients win - we win

Every project we undertake is unique. Whether it’s an upgrade to a facility or new facilities due to a promotion, every club has its own unique history and range of partnerships. Multi usage is key and broadening the scope of your project can make it more attractive to funders and more sustainable in the long run.Tweaking of the specification might make a small hall attached to a football club, and used mainly for meetings, usable for badminton, netball and fitness activities. All of these activities might attract further funding from those sports or from organisations who promote increased physical activity. Our experience to think outside the box has led to increased membership and long term sustainability

Removing the funding hassle

We have well developed contacts in sport, and are able to liaise with the right people and quickly build up the project case.Our experience with a range of funding bodies and their processes over the years, gives us the ability to find the best source of funding for your project. In particular, with the emphasis on increasing levels of physical activity in sport, our experience and knowledge on the links between pathways in sport and physical activity help us to create a compelling case for your project.